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The customer has the right to request a return or change of the product within 14 working days from the day he receives his order by filling in the return / change form. 


In any case, the product must be intact in its original condition without the labels being removed or used, the return must be made in the original packaging and there must be a proof of purchase or a change card in case of a gift. Shipping costs are borne by the buyer and the products travel at the risk of the buyer.


The customer is fully responsible for their safe transport (shipment) to the company Sotiris Georgiou. The company bears no responsibility for products that may be lost or damaged during their return, so we recommend that you keep all proof of shipment.


In the event that the customer wishes a refund for any reason that has been completed on the form and is accepted by our company, the amount paid is refunded within thirty (30) calendar days. If the customer wishes to replace the returned product with another, the value of the new product must be equal or greater than the original amount as no refunds are made in partial amount. Shipping costs are not refundable either in case of refund or in case of replacement with another product.


In any case you must fill in the return form.


Please note that returns are only accepted by courier or mail and only at our store address Sotiris Georgiou, Panagiotou Anagnostopoulou 52, Athens (Kolonaki) 10672.

In case the customer receives a defective or incorrect product, he must immediately notify our company by phone or email, describing the problem and stating whether he wants a replacement or a refund. The allegedly defective or incorrect product is sent exclusively by courier or registered mail, to our address Sotiris Georgiou, Panagiotou Anagnostopoulou 52, Athens (Kolonaki) 10672, keeping the relevant shipping documents.


If the product is received by our company and there is indeed a defect in the product, there are the following possibilities: 

  1. Replacement with another product, same (if available) or equivalent, which is sent by us immediately without additional charge to the customer and reimbursement of the costs paid by the customer for the return of the defective or incorrect product.
  2. Refund of the value of the product including the shipping costs paid by the customer for the return of the defective or incorrect product.


The above applies if the product is indeed defective. Indicatively, we mention that the product is not defective that was not washed according to the Instructions for use or washed on another fabric during washing, ironing, etc. or that was generally damaged or damaged by the fault of the user. We emphasize that the instructions for use are written on the labels on the clothes and in the product descriptions on our website.

All returns / changes can be made in our physical store Sotiris Georgiou, Panagiotou Anagnostopoulou 52, Athens (Kolonaki) 10672, provided that the necessary information has been previously provided to our company as stated in cases A), B).